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Tips To Identify Copy Mobile Phone

Tips To Identify Copy Mobile Phone
  • 04 Dec 2021
  • Spectronic Australia

When you buy mobile phones online in Australia, many consumers fall victim to scams in which they are offered a counterfeit handset that is significantly different from the one they paid for. Thus, whether you’re purchasing a new or old phone, online or in-store, it’s critical to ensure that the gadget is genuine and not a clone or refurbished model. The simplest approach to do so is to look for the device’s IMEI number. This post will explain how to verify the IMEI number of a phone to determine whether it is genuine or a forgery.

● Recognize Specifications and Features

Before purchasing an Android smartphone or an Apple iPhone, it is critical to familiarise yourself with the device’s specifications and features.

Conduct some online or offline research before purchasing a dubious phone. Visit the official website to view the phone’s specifications and features. Examine the hardware and software configurations, as well as available colours and warranty information. All of the World’s Leading Mobile Phone Manufacturers include these facts on their official websites.

● Verify the IMEI Number

International Mobile Equipment Identity is abbreviated as IMEI. This phone identifying number is located above or below the mobile phone’s battery. You may also obtain the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number for your mobile phone, Android smartphone, or Apple iPhone by dialling *#06#. Each mobile device’s IMEI number is unique.

Often, counterfeit phones lack a valid IMEI number or use a phoney one.
Once you have the 15-Digit IMEI Number, you can simply verify the device’s authenticity and obtain other information such as the manufacturer and model type.

Additionally, you may determine the country of origin of a mobile phone using the IMEI number. Once you determine whether or not the IMEI Number is genuine, you may select whether or not to purchase the phone.

● Verify the Brand’s Name and Logo

The majority of counterfeit and fake mobile phone producers avoid utilising the original Registered Trademarks and Logos of the World’s Leading Mobile Phone Brands. Otherwise, they will face legal consequences. As a result, they utilise names and logos that are similar to the Originals. Here are a few examples:

1. Samsung = Sammsung or Samsang or Samsong
2. Realme Mobile Australia
3. OPPO Mobile Phones 
4. Vivo Phones Australia
5. Xiaomi Phone in Australia

Similarly they will use spelling mistakes in case of other brands like Oppo, LG, Motorola, Mobicel, Lenovo, Nokia etc.

● Appearance and Functionality

A fake phone may look and function almost identically to an authentic original phone. However, a thorough examination reveals the distinction. There will always be some variety in the material used, the colour, the placement of the keys and buttons, the brand name and emblem, and so on.

These phoney phones are constructed from low-cost materials and components. Additionally, they are unable to afford the Original OS. They will always run pirated operating systems.

● Phone’s Availability

Manufacturers of counterfeit mobile phones frequently target popular brands and models that are currently unavailable. Due to its popularity, people look for these Out of Stock Models, which is where the Fake Phones come in. Generally, these Fake Phones are offered on Online Auction Websites.

Often, unlawful individuals attempt to sell such phoney phones by claiming to be in desperate need of money or to have stolen them from elsewhere. Be cautious of such scams.

● Recognize a False Battery and Charger

Locate the phone’s battery and charger with care. Counterfeits will never be able to afford to utilise an Original Battery and Charger at a discounted price.

Makers of Cloned Counterfeit Fake Mobile Phones in Australia make every effort to replicate the real article as closely as possible. They attempt to replicate the appearance, colour, logo, labelling, packaging, and accessories of the original. However, they will never match the Hardware and Software setup of the Original Phone, and it is on this point that we must concentrate our efforts in order to recognise and distinguish a fake phone.