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Terms And Conditions

Website terms of use

Spectronic AU

  • Your use of the is subject to the use of the (“term’s”). If you do not accept these terms, you must refrain from using this website or making a purchase from this website.
  • We as SPECTRONIC AU reserve the right:
    • To amend, update, change or remove any part(s) of the website.
    • Suspend or restrict your access to our website if you breach any terms or use.
    • Stop or suspend the operation(s) of the website.

General Disclaimer

When upon browsing the website you acknowledge that:

  • The website and the contents are provided to you on an “as in” basis.
  • The website may contain typographical errors, technical inaccuracies or other errors and may not be accurate, complete or current.
  • The frequent questions or queries that may arise, our answers may not be definite. As they serve the purpose of an opinion, if there may be some indefinite answers provided to you on the website. You may contact us directly for further resolving your matter.

We abide by the lawful acts according to the Trade Practices Act 1974, 15.1 WE DO NOT engage in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive.


Spectronic AU is an Australian brand and website is trademarked. All brand names and products mentioned herein are either registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby recognized as such. Use of information from Spectronic AU, outside Spectronic AU for any use or other purpose is prohibited.

Our products

Each and every product listed on the Spectronic AU is genuine and genuinely sourced for the best prices for our customers. All our products that are listed are for Australian users. All the specs are the same with local products despite there may be a limited features or small variation on some products and this does not affect your local warranty status.

Terms and conditions of sale

The Spectronic AU (“Website”) is a platform for customers (“you”) for legally purchasing products (“goods”) through the online platform. When purchasing any item through the (“Website”) you are agreeing all the terms and conditions.

Please read through the terms and conditions carefully before placing the order. As you proceed with order fulfillment it contains important information of the order fulfillment process and delivery of the goods to you.

Definition on the website

  • “Account” means the personal account you create within the website
  • Delivery charge” the amount to be paid for delivery services. ^ more information in the shipping & return policy.
  • Order” the item you purchase through the website.
  • Password” the password you need to access the account.
  • “Website” means the

Legal rights

  • All customers that log into Spectronic AU reserves the right of browsing through our website, however once you agree to make an account with us and continue browsing. You are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Spectronic AU and they apply on your purpose of browsing through the website. Although under the Australian consumer law, we Spectronic AU offer genuine service & products that are listed on the We do not sell any counterfeit products, all products listed are in all usable in the Australian territory. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be read or applied so as to exclude, restrict or modify or have the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying any condition, warranty, guarantee, right or remedy implied by law (including the Australian Consumer Law) which cannot by law be excluded, restricted or modified.

Prices and taxes

  • All prices shown on the website are Australian Dollars, $AUD.
  • Prices for each and individual items are listed with the product.
  • Spectronic AU reserves the rights to modify the prices of the products anytime without notice. The price displayed at the time that you place your Order will continue to apply to you even if the price changes before your Order is accepted by Spectronic AU.
  • In addition to the price for the Goods, you will also need to pay the listed delivery charge (if any) (“Delivery Charge”) for your Selected Delivery Option. Any Delivery Charge will appear in your shopping cart.
  • By placing the order you are agreeing to pay the total sum shown of the item selected
  • All prices shown are in Australian dollars and are NOT inclusive of GST. The final price of your order is shown when you checkout, which is (Phone price + Shipping price) = Total Amount.

Your Account

  • You may not set up and account for someone else.
  • Please immediately contact us for any fraudulent or any potential unauthorised use of your password being used by someone else.
  • In order to complete the purchase please fill in the information correctly at the checkout page. So that your account can be registered automatically when completing the order fulfillment procedure.
  • When submitting your information for order fulfillment, your information needs to be true, complete and accurate. If any information is filled in false, it becomes an issue to complete the order fulfillment cycle for our team. As it may end up delaying the order while correcting the information provided.
  • If Spectronic AU suffers any loss, damage, cost or expense as a result of any unauthorised use of your Password or Account which takes place before you notify Spectronic AU then you must pay Spectronic AU the amount of that loss, damage, cost or expense if Spectronic AU asks you to.
  • Spectronic AU may, in its sole discretion, terminate your Account or your use of the Website at any time without notice and for any reason whatsoever. Spectroic AU reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue all or any aspects of the Website at any time without prior notice for any reason whatsoever.


  • When ordering the item you desire, please follow the instructions on the website.
  • Once we receive your order, we MAY accept or reject upon clarification of reasons when drawn upon conclusion. WE (Spectronic AU) will notify whatever reason that may arise due to order fulfillment circumstances.
  • Each Order that you place will, if accepted by Spectronic AU, be a separate and binding agreement between you and Spectronic AU with respect to the supply of the relevant Goods, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  • If you place an Order for someone else to receive the Goods you must obtain their consent before providing Spectronic AU with their personal information and, by placing an Order, you confirm to Spectronic AU that you have done this.
  • Sometimes the internet can be an unstable marketplace. So in occurrence of such events. At times the facility to place Orders may not be available, your Order might not be received, your Order may be lost or misdirected, or your Order might be delayed. Please contact us.
  • You must take your own precautions to ensure that the process which you employ for accessing the Website does not expose you to risk of viruses, malicious computer code or other forms of interference which may damage your computer system, and contains appropriate protection to prevent damage to your computer system caused by viruses, malicious computer code or other forms of interference.
  • When ordering goods, if orders are processed separately for the same address you will be charged for the delivery fees each time. To avoid such situations, please check thoroughly when checking out.
  • You acknowledge that all Goods that you Order are intended for personal, domestic, non-commercial use only.
  • You must take your own precautions to ensure that the process which you employ for accessing the Website does not expose you to risk of viruses, malicious computer code or other forms of interference which may damage your computer system, and contains appropriate protection to prevent damage to your computer system caused by viruses, malicious computer code or other forms of interference.
  • Please double check your order when submitting or checking out (Including the quantity ordered) once the order has been confirmed, or it is shipped or packed for delivery. Spectronic AU will take into viewing whether the order can be cancelled or not. Since we have to take in consideration whether the order is shipped, packed, and etc. But make no representation that Spectronic AU will be able to do this.

When orders are confirmed / Payment

  • When you submit an Order you will receive an Order reference number and other information via e-mail.
  • Spectronics AU will process payment for your order when you place the order. Once your order is received and accepted by Spectronics AU when Spectronic AU does this, however Spectronic AU may, in certain circumstances, cancel your Order after acceptance as set out in these Terms & Conditions. In the event that Spectronic AU cancels your Order having already processed payment, it will refund payment in accordance to the refund policy.
  • When Spectronic AU accepts an order it represents an agreement by Spectronic AU to supply the goods to you in accordance with your order subject to receiving payment from you and subject to these terms and conditions.
  • To pay for your order you can use the options of (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) and paypal.
  • With secure payment methods that we incorporate in our system, we may sometimes ask you to verify yourself with the secure payment method. If the information on the credit card and information of the account made for purchasing the goods do not match. We may decline the order, or ask you to provide additional information (for example, proof of identity documents) in accordance with its fraud detection processes.
  • By providing your credit card details to complete the order, you authorise Spectronic AU to deduct the price and applicable delivery charges from your form of payment.
  • Spectronic AU may accept, decline or be unable to accept your payment due to:
    • where our fraud detection systems detect possible irregularities;
    • because your financial institution has declined payment; or
    • because your payment card has expired. Where this is the case, Spectronic AU reserves the right to cancel your Order and/or place your Order on hold and request you to provide additional information (for example, proof of identity documents) or arrange payment by another method.
  • Goods that you have ordered will not be dispatched to you until your payment for the Goods has cleared. If your payment cannot be processed, your Order will be rejected and Spectronic AU will notify you by email.

Cancellation of orders

  • Spectronic AU will notify each time whether your order is cancelled or not
  • In situations of cancellation of your order after the payment is processed we will refund you the money paid during purchasing of the goods. Cancellation subjects to various cancellation instances, more information in refund policy.
  • Spectronic AU reserves the right to cancel, at any time before delivery and for whatever reason, an order that has previously been accepted by us. Spectronic AU may do for example, But without limitation where:
    • where we are unable to supply to desired goods by the customer
    • an event where we are not in control of the situation, for example floods, fire, storm, earthquake, war, power failure, accident of shipment or system error, means that we are unable to ship the goods in the expected time.
    • goods ordered were subject to an error on the Website, for example, in relation to a description, price or image, which was not discovered prior to the Order being accepted
    • your request to Spectronic AU to cancel the order in accordance to (4.x).
    • in the circumstance occurrence of (5.vii).
  • Your cancellation of the order can take place upon:
  • if Spectronic AU breaches any material term of this agreement
  • if the order has not been delivered to you in a reasonable time of the estimated delivery time listed on the website for the applicable Selected Delivery Option, other than a result of any delay:
    • Which usually occurs if the address is not entered correctly. Which then you are wholly or partially responsible for. Since the correct delivery address was not provided to us or to pay for the goods.
    • or we are not able to control the externalities which draw up factors to deliver the goods to you which are set out in section (6.i) and (6.iii.2).
  • Except to the extent otherwise required by law (including, without limitation, the Australian Consumer Law) or as expressly set out in these terms and conditions, Spectronic AU will not be liable to you, or any other person, for any loss, damage, cost or expense suffered as a direct or indirect result of cancellation of your Order, whether in contract, negligence or any other tort, equity, restitution, strict liability, under statute or otherwise at all.


  • We provide Express shipping, which delivers the goods to you(“customer”) within 3-5 working days. Track your parcel with your shipping number provided in your email. Through the courier service website.
    Your goods may be delayed referring to 6.iii.2. In such instances you may expect delay in order delivery or we may refund your money to you. (Depending on the events).
  • Your information of delivery status, your shipment number and other delivery information will be emailed to you.
  • We do not deliver to any PO BOX.
  • If there is a change to delivery date or time, please notify Spectronic AU 24 hours prior to shipping of the goods. OR else, if the goods are shipped we cannot cancel or change the address.
  • Remote areas may take additional 1 or 2 days for delivery of the goods. If there are any queries please email us or contact us.
  • When you purchase the goods through Spectronic AU, you agree to comply with delivery requirements specified below:
    • Please make sure when the person who made the purchase through Spectronic AU is present at the address receiving the order.
    • When receiving the goods, you may be asked to sign and prove your identification for verification purposes.
    • The goods will be shipped at the address provided by you(“customer”).
  • Delivery will be made by the courier team, we will request and confirm the address with you before shipping. OR when entering the shipping address please enter the correct address.
  • Except to the extent otherwise required by law (including, without limitation, the Australian Consumer Law), Spectronic AU will not be liable to you, or any other person, for any loss, damage, cost or expense suffered as a direct or indirect result of the delivery of the Goods, including, where arising as a result of:
    • any third party interference;
    • any late or lost deliveries; or (c) the Goods being misdirected.
  • Availability of goods
  • All products you see on the website are available for purchase.
  • All products listed are genuine.
  • We update our catalogue weekly to filter out the latest products.
  • Upon special cases we may not find the specific product in our inventory we may take additional days or so to locate the product. Which are not likely to happen as we update our product catalogue very often.

Returns/Faulty or damaged goods.

  • Please check your goods as soon as you receive it.
    • To ensure that it is the correct item you ordered.
    • If in instance it comes out damaged please contact us ASAP.
  • When returning the goods
    • Please provide the proof that it is purchased from Spectronic AU
    • It is a requirement for the fulfilment of refunds, exchanges and warranties that Customers use their best endeavours to return all out-of-the-box accessories (such as power cords and batteries) supplied at the time of original purchase
    • If you are returning Goods due to a change of mind, the Goods must be in a “re-saleable” condition as determined by Spectronic AU.
  • You may not be entitled to any refund or exchange just because any packaging is damaged in transit. The packaging exists to protect the goods themselves.