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OnePlus 12 Review: The Powerhouse Flagship Of 2024

OnePlus 12 Review
  • 22 Apr 2024
  • Spectronic Australia

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OnePlus – a brand that always tries to deliver the best phones at competitive prices has succeeded. Well, maybe.

The recent launch of the OnePlus 12 has left the smartphone industry and the users in awe. It wouldn’t be shocking to see this flagship device in the top 3 phones of 2024 alongside the iPhone and Samsung’s top models. But why so much hype?

OnePlus 12 is a perfect blend of innovation, performance, and design. The phone offers all the specs one would ever want unless they are looking for a gaming phone. Let us look into the mind-boggling features of this heroic entry so you can decide whether the OnePlus 12 is next to sit in your pockets.

Display & Design

Looks, these days matter a lot. A lot! OnePlus 12 slays when it comes to visual appeal but is equally powerful and practical when it comes to display specs.

Oneplus 12 Green

The phone offers what they call a ProXDR display, meaning the display is 2K LTPO with a refresh rate of 120Hz. While the device gives both manual and auto options to set the display at 60, 90, or 120Hz, it also allows users to adjust the refresh rate in every application. Isn’t that amazing?

One of the best display features that OnePlus came up with in this model is a peak of 4500 nits brightness. The design is not boring by any means. The phone comes in two colours – silky black and flowy emerald. While the black colour displays the usual elegance, the green, this time, has a marble-textured back, and the camera bump remains the highlight in both variants. Whether you love or hate it, you definitely cannot ignore the bump.

The sides and screen remain curved and rounded. The back glass is frosted, eliminating your worries of sticky fingerprints. However, you need to be careful when holding the phone.

Hardware & Performance

The brand has put some serious work into the phone’s hardware to improve its performance. OnePlus 12 features Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor along with LPDDR5X RAM up to 16GB and UFS 4.0 storage/ROM up to 512GB. The device weighs 220 grams and has dual speakers with Dolby Atmos support with excellent audio/voice quality.

Users can enjoy excellent performance thanks to all the specs and the brand’s hard work behind this flagship model. The phone is fast and smooth and can last you years. You might not even notice the phone lagging or heating up even if you stuff it to the neck.


The OnePlus 12 camera is undoubtedly the best set the brand has ever offered. It features Sony’s 50MP LYT-808 sensor, which is tailored to work better in low-light environments. Next is a 48MP ultra-wide camera offering a 114-degree view field, which allows users to engage in macro photography. Another excellent add-on to this set is the 3x telephoto lens, which is a 64MP sensor with OIS allowing a 120x maximum zoom.

The brand claims this flagship model has improved portrait mode wherein the 3x, 2x, and 1x modes switch easily without commotion between the lenses. The front camera is 32 MP. Overall, users can enjoy excellent photos with details and colours. In terms of video, all three lenses can film 4k at 60 fps, whereas 8k is supported by the main lens only.


OnePlus 12 has Android 14-based OxygenOS, offering buttery smooth and fast animations. Thankfully, the brand has not stuffed the OS with useless artificial intelligence features. Instead, the phone has shortcut gestures that will trigger actions. For example, you can simply draw a circle to open the camera when the phone is in sleep mode. The phone allows users to multitask by opening applications in a floating window or split-screen.

Battery Life & Charging Speed

Powering the greatest OnePlus flagship model of all time is the 5400 mAh battery. Use it all you want for the entire day; you might as well work more than that. Even if you successfully kill the battery by using it for more than a day, all it will take is thirty minutes to charge it completely and merely ten minutes to charge it fifty percent. For this, let us together thank the super fast OnePlus Super VOOC charging technology that comes with 80 and 100w charging. Don’t worry; the company offers an 80w charger with the phone, and you can purchase a 100w charger.

Maintaining the reputation of leveraging technology at its best, the phone gives users room to enjoy 50w AIRVOOC wireless charging. So, you can ditch the wired chargers for once!

Should you Buy the OnePlus 12?

OnePlus 12 is probably the best smartphone you can buy at a competitive price today. The brand has done an excellent job with the hardware and software. As a result, you can enjoy a fast and buttery smooth phone.

Well, the ultimate choice is yours, but if you are looking for a smartphone that is value for money and has great cameras, the fastest processor, a gorgeous display, and insane battery life and charging, you can blindly pick up the OnePlus 12.

Here’s our OnePlus 12 review to help you buy the current best smartphone. Happy shopping at Spectronic Australia!