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Spectronic Australia Warranty Policy

All Global Version phones come with a 12-month warranty from Spectronic AU. CN/Chinese version phones are 6 months, because we have to manually flash the device to Global ROM for your usage, the warranty is 6 months only.

Warranty on products
Products Warranty
Smartphones 12 Months
Tablets 12 Months
Sports Cameras 1 Month
Headphones 1 Month
Smart Watches 12 Months
Speakers 1 Month

How does warranty work with Spectronic Australia?

If you face any technical issues or the product not working up to standard, please contact us at email us with the order number and your name. Explaining the difficulties faced, then we can assess your situation to understand whether the goods need to be shipped to us.

How does warranty/replacement work?
  1. We will arrange a pickup from your address (pack the phone into the box or bubble wrap SAFELY);
  2. Goods get shipped to us;
  3. Spectronic Australia accessed the situation, and passed it on to the technician;
  4. Fixed or replaced upon assessment; and
  5. Shipped back to you

The whole process may take bout (7-14 days).

Not all damages can be covered in the warranty policy. (Within the timeframe)

Warranty does not apply:

  • If the damage was external by tampering, liquid disposal and accident;
  • Any alteration/modification to the product made by the third party; and
  • Physical damage, screen cracks, accidentally dropped the product or scratches.

Warranty is applied to:

  • Hardware defect
  • Internal software error
  • More than three pixels dead

For other queries please contact us through the Live Chat or Whatsapp Us or Email

We reserve the right to change our warranty conditions without notice. We also reserve the right to refuse items returned to us which do not fulfil our stated requirements.