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How To Unbox A New Phone?

How To Unbox A New Phone?
  • 17 Jan 2022
  • Spectronic Australia

Spectronic Online Mobile Store Australia has an amazing range of mobile phones from all the top world smartphone makers like Xiaomi Australia, Sony Phones Australia, Asus Mobile Online on our store. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new phone. Some of the most important ones are price, size, durability, and features. With so many options available, the way Xiaomi Mobile Phones give you, it can be difficult to find the perfect phone for you. This article will help you to understand the process of unboxing a new phone.

Check the New Mobile Box

Spectronic Online Mobile store Australia sends you mobile perfectly packed. The first step is to remove all of the wrappings from the box. Next, remove all of the stickers from the outside of the box. Finally, open the box and take out your new phone!

In a typical Xiaomi Australia smartphone box, you’d get a box containing a TPU case, along with the phone, a charging brick, a USB cable, a SIM tray ejection needle.

Setup the Google Account

Whether you buy Xiaomi Mobile Phone or a OnePlus Mobile Phones from Spectronic Online Mobile Store Australia, the second step would always be to turn on the phone and set up your google account. This will help you to get the phone activated for yourself and at the same time, it will make it more secure for the future.

So in case you buy an android device like Xiaomi Australia Mobile Phones, Sony Phones Australia, Asus Mobiles Online or OnePlus Mobile Phones, the initial Google account setup will always be similar, easy and pretty much self-explanatory on every step.

Copy Old Phone Data to New Phone

It’s important to copy your data to a new phone. Whether you’re switching to a new phone, or just want to have a backup of your data, you need to copy your data to the new phone. You don’t have to copy everything, just the things you want.

Secure the New Android Phone

These days everyone stores a lot of personal data on their phones and it is always wise to keep a smartphone secure from the hackers and thieves. Top smartphones brands like Xiaomi Australia, Sony Phones Australia, Asus Mobiles Online and OnePlus Mobile Phones come with robust security to keep your data safe. But during the initial set up you need to turn on these robust security system manually on a new smartphone. To do that, these phone brands  provides users with plathora of security features which range from simple screen locks, fingerprint scanner and facial recognition.

Update the System

It is always better to update a new Android smartphone after purchasing it. System updates always come with some improvements, new features and  bug fixes and so it is always adviced to update your smartphones on regular intervals. To update Android phones, users need to go to Settings > System > System Update and follow the on-screen instructions.

Check for Warranty of Your Mobile Phone

Checking warranty status of a android smartphone should not be taken for granted. A warranty ensures that buyers don’t pay for unexpected charges when electronic devices like smartphones develop faults. Various manufacturers like Xiaomi Mobile Phones, Sony Phones Australia, Asus Mobiles Online and OnePlus Mobile Phone have different ways of tracking warranty status and checking warranty status of smartphones from these brands is a breeze. Spectronic Online Mobile Store Australia provides Australian warranty on all products to its customers.

Add/Restore Contacts

Getting contacts on a new Android phone is crucial. If they are already backed up on a Google account getting them on a new smartphone will be easy, and they’ll be restored automatically. IN other case users can use the data transfer apps that most phones these days come preinstalled with.

Set-up a Backup

It is always better to set up automatic backup of data during the initial setup. One advantage of setting up a backup on your Android device is that you need not worry about transferring your data like Contacts, Call Logs, SMS, Apps & Apps data, Device setting, etc., to a new phone. Let Google do that for you. Follow the steps below to set up a Backup for your new Android device.

Check/Install Required Apps

Normally new android phones restore apps from google account backup of a old android phone if user is using same account which makes restoring apps fast and easy.

Consider a Screen Protector

Even though Spectronic Online Mobile Store Australia gives Australian Warranty on all devices it is always advisable to get a screen protector to prevent any accidents and damage to the phone. Screen protectors prevent a smartphone screen from shattering during accidental slips and falls. Installing a screen guard on phone reduces the risk of braking screen.


Following these unboxing tips we’re sure you’ll love using your new phone and would be able to use the for a long time.