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Gaming Phone For Australians In 2022 (Updated)

Gaming Phone For Australians In 2022 (Updated)
  • 25 Jun 2022
  • Spectronic Australia

When it comes to performance, the finest gaming phone 2022 readily rivals tablets and are just as capable as some portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch. It’s crucial to have one of these phones to play with if you enjoy playing mobile games.

With the finest Upcoming Gaming Phones 2022, you can use your smartphone as a gaming console as well. When looking for the greatest mobile gaming experience imaginable, our recommendations below include the best power, screens, and more.

Selecting a gaming phone differs from choosing a standard phone or unlocked mobile phones. The ideal device should have excellent performance, a large, high-resolution screen, a high refresh rate, and a long battery life.

Some gaming phones flaunt their identity by adorning themselves with large logos, RGB lighting, and improved cooling. Many of the devices on this list are still standard phones, though. Although they might not have trigger buttons, they nevertheless cover the essentials and frequently have greater overall versatility.

A List of New Gaming Phones 2022

Apple iPhone 13

We were all surprised to learn that the Apple iPhone 13 series is one of the Best Gaming Phone 2022 compared to specialised gaming phones. Apple’s continued dominance in terms of chipset power thanks to the A15 Bionic and the new 120Hz adaptive refresh rate displays on the two Pro versions are the main causes of this.

OnePlus 10 Pro

For an all-round top handset that also handles gaming well, consider either the One Plus 10 Pro, Although the OnePlus 10 Pro’s features certainly stand out, it goes without saying that its gaming features are drawing the most attention. The smartphone is made to provide a satisfying gaming experience, even with demanding games, thanks to the HyperBoost Gaming Engine.

General Performance Adapter (GPA), Frame Stabilizer, and O-Sync are just a few of the gaming features included in the HyperBoost Gaming Engine. GPA Frame Stabilizer, which was created to lessen frame rate fluctuation when gaming, provides a satisfying gaming experience and makes sure that, if frame rate decreases do occur, they do so gradually rather than abruptly. Additionally, when turned on, GPA Frame Stabilizer uses AI to monitor device performance in real-time.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

An octa-core processor using a 5nm technology makes up the Tensor SoC. The Tensor Processor from Google is a Step Up. The CPU comprises four power-efficient 1.8GHz Cortex-A55 cores for general purpose programmes, two high-performance 2.25GHz Cortex-A76 cores, and a pair of 2.8GHz Cortex-X1 cores for the most demanding jobs.

The first smartphones featuring Google Tensor silicon are the Google Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6. Because of this, the SoC’s processors, coprocessors, instruction sets, and other software all collaborate to carry out tasks effectively and fast. This is because heterogeneous computing was taken into consideration during the SoC’s design.

Gaming on the Google Pixel 6 Pro is excellent. Graphically demanding titles like Vainglory or Asphalt 9: Legends ran flawlessly on my computer. A growing number of Android games now support 120Hz, and the extra-high refresh rate of Google Pixel 6 pro is great for things like flawlessly timing jumps in Mario Run or slightly adjusting aim for headshots in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

The new gaming phone in 2022 is Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus loads games swiftly, doesn’t stutter during sessions, and enables you to load the highest graphical settings for games, the phone is excellent for gaming. This device has 8GB of RAM, which is approximately as much as any smartphone needs. Users who frequently switch between many programmes will find this to be helpful. Storage options are 128GB or 256GB, but since there is no expandable storage, you must be satisfied with the choice you make.

Both of these phones’ chipsets are linked with 5G modems, allowing you to connect to next-generation networks, which is beneficial for streaming and mobile gaming.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The fact that the new gaming phone in 2022 is Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a lot of power should not be a surprise. The brand-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chipset is within. Unlike last year’s model, which featured 12GB of RAM at the base and up to 16GB in higher-storage models, Samsung chose a basic model with 8GB of RAM and a maximum of 12GB of RAM in models with additional storage.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is more than quick enough to dispel any worries that the lack of RAM will cause the phone to lag in the majority of applications. The Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t display any symptoms of weakness when running Asphalt 9. The S22 Ultra was unaffected by the large automobile wrecks in the game that occasionally cause weaker phones to stutter.

Asus ROG Phone

Of course there are still many Android phones that are nearly as good. We like the new gaming phone 2022 which is Asus ROG Phone 5 or Asus ROG Phone 5s if you want a phone aimed specifically for gaming. Asus Rog Phone 5 helps gamers play to their full potential. The ROG Phone 5 is brutally tough. It has the most cutting-edge Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 888 5G Mobile Platform powers this future marvel, which also has our renowned GameFX audio system, an incredibly responsive 144 Hz / 1 ms display, a large 6000 mAh1 battery system, and much improved AirTrigger 5 game controls. If you dare, the ROG Phone 5 will elevate your gameplay to a new level.

Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro

This is a beast of a smartphone when it comes to new gaming phone in 2022. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 platform, which uses a cutting-edge 5nm EUV manufacturing process and has a brand-new Cortex X1 big core architecture, powers the Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro. It is more power-efficient and performs better. Performance as a whole is 25% faster.

The Snapdragon 888 has a brand-new GPU for graphics processing called the Adreno 660, which increases performance by 35% while lowering battery consumption by 20% over the previous version. It speeds up graphics rendering by an amount never before seen. The Black Shark 4 pro has an LPDDR5+UFS3.1 storage system, which dramatically accelerated read and write speeds.

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 5G

The Qualcomm flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 4nm CPU with the Adreno 730 GPU is included in the Red Magic 7.

In terms of benchmarks, the gadget scores 3630 on Geekbench (v5.4.4) and 1056488 on AnTuTu (v9).

The ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 cooling system is substantially more advanced than its predecessor. Because of an internal change, the built-in fan is now significantly quieter and has a maximum speed of 20,000RPM. The RGB-enabled fan is visible from the outside of the phone’s translucent body when you purchase the Supernova model.

The smartphone also has a redesigned air intake duct on the back and a new nine-layer cooling system ZTE calls the ICE 8.0, along with “advanced heat-dissipating materials.” Airflow is increased by 35% as a result.

The Red Magic 7’s 165Hz screen refresh rate, which is actually the fastest we’ve yet seen on a smartphone, is possibly the most excessive feature. 165Hz is somewhat superfluous because the majority of high-end mobile games are calibrated to support 120Hz at most. Additionally, your battery depletes more quickly the greater the refresh rate.

The display is incredibly responsive thanks to its 720Hz touch sampling rate. First-person shooter games with high graphic requirements should run smoothly and with almost any lag.

Vivo X70

The MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset, with its 3.0GHz octa-core CPU, Mali-G77 MC9 GPU, and 12GB of RAM, powers the best gaming phone in 2022, Vivo X70 .

The Vivo X70 is a powerful gaming smartphone with high-quality graphics that can run well-known games like Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, and PUBG Mobile. At medium graphics resolution, it can even run more demanding games like Genshin Impact without any issues.

In addition to the phone’s inherent power, it has a number of gaming features that enhance the entire gaming experience. An Esports mode, detail sharpening, 4D game vibration, and unintentional touch prevention are all part of its Ultra Game Mode feature.

With its ZEISS cameras, the vivo X70 is a powerful gaming smartphone as well as a camera phone.

Oppo Reno 7

A smooth experience is guaranteed by the Oppo Reno 7’s use of ColorOS 12, which is based on Android 11. Oppo and MediaTek collaborated to create a unique MediaTek Dimensity 1200-MAX SoC for the Reno 7 Pro. The new gaming phone in 2022, Reno 7 Pro offers a very streamlined user experience for daily use. Even when I put the phone through its paces, there were no obvious lags or janky animations. The device handled daily chores including using games social media, reading emails, taking photos, making calls, responding to texts, and more without breaking a sweat.


The world of gaming is changing, and the upcoming gaming phones 2022 are going to be an important part of that. Spectronic Online mobile stores in Australia have all the latest gaming smartphones to offer high-end graphics to support the latest games for pro-gamers. So get ready for some immersive gaming with these amazing gaming phones 2022.